Sunjoe Model Aj801e 12.6-inch 12-amp Electric Scarifier Dethatcher Operator’s Manual

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All rights reserved. Original instructions.
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Model AJ801E
Form No. SJ-AJ801E-880E-M
Safety Instructions
All Operators Must Read These
Instructions Before Use
Always follow these safety guidelines. Failure to do so may
result in serious bodily injury or death.
General Safety WARNINGS!
When using this electric scarier + dethatcher, basic safety
precautions should always be followed to reduce the risk of
re, electric shock and personal injury.
Before using the scarier + dethatcher, take the time to
familiarize yourself with the controls, especially how to stop
the machine in an emergency. The only individuals who should
use the scarier + dethatcher are those who have a thorough
understanding of the instructions and who know how to
operate the machine. Children should never be allowed access
to the scarier + dethatcher.
Retain this manual for future reference and reread it at the start
of each dethatching session.
General Safety
1. Keep work area clean and well-lit – Cluttered, dark
areas invite accidents.
2. Replacement parts – When servicing this unit, use only
identical replacement parts. Replace or repair damaged
cords immediately.
3. Keep children, bystanders, and pets away – All
spectators, including pets, should be kept a safe distance
away from the work area.
4. Dress properly – Do not wear loose clothing or jewelry
as such articles can get caught in moving parts. Wear a
protective covering to contain long hair. Wearing rubber
gloves and substantial non-slip footwear is recommended
when working outdoors.
5. Avoid accidental starting – Do not carry the scarier +
dethatcher with your nger on the switch. Make sure the
switch is o before plugging in the unit.
6. Do not force the tool – It will perform better with less
likelihood of personal or mechanical injury if it is used at
the rate for which it is designed.
7. Wear personal protective equipment – When using this
tool, wear safety glasses with side shields or goggles to
provide necessary eye protection. Wear ear defenders to
prevent hearing damage. Use a face or dust mask if the
work environment is dusty.
8. Disconnect the tool – Disconnect the scarier +
dethatcher from the power supply when it is not in use,
before servicing it, when changing accessories, and when
performing any other maintenance task.
9. Store idle tool indoors – When not in use, the scarier +
dethatcher should be stored indoors in a dry and high or
locked-up place out of the reach of children.
10. Maintain the scarier + dethatcher with care – Keep
cutting edges sharp and clean for optimal and safest
Inspect the scarier + dethatcher cord periodically and
if damage is found have it repaired by an authorized
service facility. Extension cords should also be inspected
periodically and immediately replaced if damaged. Keep
handles dry, clean and free from oil and grease.
11. Use the right tool – Do not use the tool for any job except
that for which it is intended.
12. Avoid dangerous environments – Do not use the
scarier + dethatcher in rain, damp, or wet locations.
13. Stay alert – Watch what you are doing. Use common
sense. Do not operate the scarier + dethatcher when you
are tired or under the inuence of drugs, alcohol, or other
14. Do not overreach – Keep proper footing and balance at
all times.
mWARNING! Some dust and debris created by the
use of the tool could contain chemicals known to the State
of California to cause cancer and birth defects or other
reproductive harm. Some examples of these chemicals are:
chemicals in fertilizers
compounds in insecticides, herbicides, and pesticides
arsenic and chromium from chemically treated lumber
Your risk from exposure to these chemicals varies, and
depends on how often you do this type of work. To reduce
your exposure, work in a well-ventilated area and with
approved safety equipment, such as dust masks that are
specially designed to lter out microscopic particles.
Double-Insulated Appliances
In a double-insulated appliance, two systems of insulation
are provided instead of grounding. No grounding means
that it is already provided on a double-insulated appliance.
Servicing a double-insulated appliance requires extreme care
and knowledge of the system, and should be performed only
by qualied service personnel at an authorized Snow Joe
Sun Joe
dealer. Replacement parts for a double-insulated
appliance must be identical to the parts they replace. A
double-insulated appliance is marked with the words “Double
Insulation” or “Double Insulated.” The symbol (square
within a square) may also be marked on the appliance.
This electric scarier + dethatcher is double-insulated,
eliminating the need for a separate grounding system. Use
only identical replacement parts. Read the instructions before
servicing double-insulated appliances. Use this electric
scarier + dethatcher only as described in this manual.
Electrical Safety
1. Ground fault circuit interrupter (GFCI) protection should
be provided on the circuit(s) or outlet(s) to be used for
this electric scarier + dethatcher. Receptacles are
available having built-in GFCI protection and may be used
for this measure of safety.
2. To prevent electric shock, use only with an extension cord
suitable for outdoor use, such as SW-A, SOW-A, STW-A,
Before use, check that the extension cord is in good
condition. When using an extension cord, make sure to
use one heavy enough to carry the current your product
will draw. For lengths more than 50 ft (15 m), a No.14
AWG (or greater) extension cord should be used. An
undersized cord will cause a drop in line voltage resulting
in loss of power and overheating.
3. To reduce the risk of electric shock, this appliance has
a polarized plug (i.e. one blade is wider than the other).
Use this appliance only with a polarized UL-, CSA-, or
ETL-listed extension cord recommended for outdoor,
all-weather use, such as the Snow Joe
+ Sun Joe
Power Joe SJTW-A 14-gauge 50-foot extension cord
with lighted end (Model PJEXT50-B). Visit
to purchase this extension cord online or, to order by
phone, call 1-866-SNOWJOE (1-866-766-9563).
The appliance plug will t into a polarized extension cord
only one way. If the appliance plug does not t fully into the
extension cord, reverse the plug. If the plug still does not
t, obtain a correct polarized extension cord. A polarized
extension cord will require the use of a polarized wall outlet.
The extension cord plug will t into the polarized wall outlet
only one way. If the plug does not t fully into the wall
outlet, reverse the plug. If the plug still does not t, contact
a qualied electrician to install the proper wall outlet. Do not
modify the appliance plug, extension cord receptacle, or
extension cord plug in any way.
Extension Cord
Wire Gauge (A.W.G.):
Up to 50 ft
(15 m)
+50 ft – 100 ft
(+15 m – 30 m)
14 12
Electric shock may cause SEVERE INJURY or
DEATH. Heed these warnings:
• Do not allow any part of the electric scarier +
dethatcher to make contact with water while it is in
operation. If the appliance becomes wet while turned
o, wipe dry before starting.
• Use only a UL-, CSA-, or ETL-rated extension cord
for outdoor, all-weather use, such as the Snow Joe
Sun Joe
Power Joe SJTW-A 14-gauge 50-foot
extension cord with lighted end (Model PJEXT50-B).
Visit to purchase this extension cord
online or, to order by phone, call 1-866-SNOWJOE
• Do not use an extension cord over 100 ft (30 m).
• Do not touch the appliance or its plug with wet hands
or while standing in water. Wearing rubber boots
oers some protection.
4. To prevent the appliance cord from disconnecting from
the extension cord during operation, use the onboard
extension cord restraint hook and/or make a knot with the
two cords as shown in Table 1.
5. Do not abuse the cord. Never pull the scarier +
dethatcher by the cord or yank the cord to disconnect it
from the receptacle. Keep the cord away from heat, oil,
and sharp edges.
Safety Instructions for Walk-Behind
Scarier + Dethatchers
General Operation
Read, understand and follow all instructions on the
machine and in the manual(s) before starting.
Thoroughly inspect the area where the equipment is to be
used and remove all foreign objects.
mWARNING! Foreign objects in the work area can be
picked up by the scarier + dethatcher and launched into your
eyes, which can result in severe personal injury. In addition
to surveying the area and removing foreign objects before
beginning work, always wear safety goggles or safety glasses
with side shields and, when necessary, a full face shield.
Use the electric scarier + dethatcher only in daylight or
good articial light.
Do not operate the equipment without wearing adequate
outer garments. Wear protective footwear that will improve
footing on slippery surfaces.
Use extension cords and receptacles as specied by the
manufacturer for all units with electric drive motors or
electric starting motors (see extension cord chart on
page 2).
Never attempt to make any adjustments while the motor is
Never operate the scarier + dethatcher in wet grass.
Always be sure of your footing; walk, never run, with the
Do not put hands or feet near or under rotating parts.
Exercise extreme caution when operating on or crossing
gravel drives, walks or roads. Stay alert for hidden hazards
or trac.
Exercise caution to avoid slipping or falling.
Stop the motor and disconnect the power supply when
leaving the operating position, before unclogging the tines
and when repairing, adjusting, inspecting or performing
any other maintenance on the machine.
Take all necessary precautions when leaving the machine
unattended. Stop the motor and remove the power cord.
Before cleaning, repairing or inspecting the unit, shut o
the motor, disconnect the power supply and wait until all
moving parts have come to a complete stop.
Never operate the machine without proper guards, plates
or other safety protective devices in place and in proper
working order.
Keep children and pets away.
Do not overload the machine capacity by attempting to
dethatch too deep at too fast a rate.
Never operate the machine at high transport speeds on
hard or slippery surfaces.
Never allow bystanders near the unit when operating.
Use only attachments and accessories approved by the
manufacturer of the machine.
Never operate the machine without good visibility or light.
Be careful when cultivating in hard ground. The tines may
catch in the ground and propel the machine forward. If
this occurs, let go of the handlebars and the starting lever
and do not restrain the machine.
Use extreme caution when reversing or pulling the
machine towards you.
Stop the tines if the machine has to be tilted for
transportation. Do not operate the tines when crossing
surfaces other than grass, and when transporting the
product to and from the working area.
Do not tilt the machine when switching on the motor,
except if the product has to be tilted for starting. In this
case, do not tilt it more than absolutely necessary and lift
only the part which is away from the operator.
Do not start the motor when standing in front of the
discharge opening.
Switch on the motor carefully according to the instructions
and keep your feet clear of the rotating tines.
Never pick up or carry the machine while the motor is
(B) Connect plug and receptacle
Cord set Appliance cord
(A) Tie cord as shown
Table 1. Method of Securing Extension Cord
Stop the motor and disconnect the machine from the
power supply:
before clearing blockages or unclogging the discharge
before checking, cleaning or working on the machine;
after striking a foreign object. Inspect the machine for
damage and make repairs before restarting and
operating the machine;
if the machine starts to vibrate abnormally (check
whenever you leave the machine.
Never use the scarier + dethatcher without the thatch
collection bag securely tted.
WARNING! Beware of sharp tines. Tines continue to
rotate after the motor is switched o.
Slope Operation
Slopes are major factors related to slip and fall accidents,
which can result in severe injury. Operation on all slopes
requires extra caution. If you feel uneasy on a slope, do not
dethatch it.
Dethatch across the face of slopes; never dethatch slopes
following an up and down traverse. Exercise extreme
caution when changing direction on a slope.
Watch for holes, ruts, bumps, rocks or other hidden
objects. These may cause an unexpected slip or fall.
Do not dethatch on wet grass or excessively steep slopes.
Poor footing could cause a slip and fall accident.
Do not dethatch near drop os, ditches or embankments.
You could lose your footing or balance.
Children Safety
Tragic accidents can occur if the operator is not alert to the
presence of children. Children are often attracted to the
machine and the dethatching activity. Never assume that
children will remain where you last saw them.
Keep children out of the dethatching area and under
the watchful care of a responsible adult other than the
Stay alert and turn the dethatcher o if a child enters the
Never let children operate the machine.
Use extra care when approaching blind corners, shrubs,
trees or other objects that may block your view of a child.
Vibration + Noise Reduction
To reduce the impact of noise and vibration emission, limit the
time of operation, use low-vibration and low-noise operating
modes as well as wear personal protective equipment. Take
the following points into account to minimize the vibration and
noise exposure risks:
Only use the product as intended by its design and these
Ensure that the product is in good condition and well
Use correct application tools for the product and ensure
they are in good condition.
Keep tight grip on the handles/grip surface.
Maintain this product in accordance with these
instructions and keep it well lubricated (where
Plan your work schedule to spread any high vibration tool
use across a number of days.
Residual Risks
Even if you are operating this product in accordance with all
the safety requirements, potential risks of injury and damage
remain. The following dangers can arise in connection with the
structure and design of this product:
Health defects resulting from vibration emission if the
product is being used over long periods of time or not
adequately managed and properly maintained.
Injuries and damage to property due to broken application
tools or the sudden impact of hidden objects during use.
Danger of injury and property damage caused by ying
mWARNING! This product produces an electromagnetic
eld during operation! This eld may under some
circumstances interfere with active or passive medical
implants! To reduce the risk of serious or fatal injury, we
recommend persons with medical implants to consult their
doctor and the medical implant manufacturer before operating
this product!
Safety Symbols
The following table depicts and describes safety symbols that may appear on this product. Read, understand and follow all
instructions on the machine before attempting to assemble and operate.
Thrown objects picked up by the
rotating tines can cause severe
Use extreme CAUTION when
reversing or pulling the machine
towards you.
SAFETY ALERT – Indicates a
precaution, a warning, or a danger.
MANUAL(S) – Read, understand,
and follow all instructions in the
user manual(s) before attempting to
assemble and operate.
WARNING! Do not expose the unit
to rain or wet conditions.
PROTECTION – For protection
against injury, wear ear defenders
and safety goggles.
DANGER! Rotating blades – Keep
hands and feet away from moving
Wear protective gloves and
non-slip footwear when using
the machine and handling debris.
SWITCH OFF! Remove plug from
outlet before cleaning or conducting
maintenance checks.
Inspect the work area prior to use
and remove all objects that could be
thrown by the appliance. If a hidden
object is discovered while working,
stop the engine and remove the
Keep bystanders a safe
distance away from the work
SWITCH OFF! Remove plug from
outlet immediately if the cord is
damaged or cut.
Do not push down stairs.
Double Insulation.
Symbols SymbolsDescriptions Descriptions
Know Your Electric Scarier + Dethatcher
Read the owner’s manual and safety instructions carefully before operating the scarier + dethatcher. Compare the illustration
below to the dethatcher in order to familiarize yourself with the location of the various controls and adjustments. Save this manual
for future reference and reread it prior to each dethatching session.
1. ON/OFF switch lever
2. Safety lock button
3. Extension cord restraint holder
4. Upper handle
5. Upper handle knob and bolt (2)
6. Appliance cord
7. Middle handle bar (2)
8. Cable clip (2)
9. Lower handle knob and bolt (2)
10. Thatch bag cover
11. Lower handle bar (2)
12. Thatch collection bag
13. Rear wheel (2)
14. Front wheel (2)
15. Raking depth adjustment lever
16. Air vent
Technical Data
Rated Voltage 120 V ~ 60 Hz
Motor 12 A
No Load Speed 2,990 rpm
Raking Width 12.6 in. (32 cm)
Raking Depth* -0.4 in. to 0.4 in. (-10 mm to 10 mm)
Depth Adjustment 5-position
Thatch Bag Capacity 8 gal (30 l)
Dethatcher Cylinder 24 spring steel raking tines
(0.5 mm thick)
Scarier Cylinder 20 slicing blades
Wheel Size 8 in. (20 cm) front
4 in. (10 cm) rear
Weight 23 lbs (10.3 kg)
*Note: The negative raking depth indicates that the tines are raking below the horizon (i.e. penetrating the soil layer).
15 16
Carton Contents
• Scarier + dethatcher housing
• Handle knob and bolt (4)
• Upper handle
• Middle handle bar (2)
• Lower handle bar (2)
• Phillips screw (2)
• Bolts + spring washer (2)
• Thatch collection bag
• Extension cord restraint holder
• Cable clip (2)
• Scarifying cylinder (Pre-assembled)
• Raking cylinder
• Manual and registration card
1. Carefully remove the electric scarier + dethatcher and
check to see that all of the above items are supplied.
2. Inspect the product carefully to make sure no breakage or
damage occurred during shipping. If you nd damaged or
missing parts, DO NOT return the unit to the store. Please
call the Snow Joe
+ Sun Joe
customer service center at
1-866-SNOWJOE (1-866-766-9563).
NOTE: Do not discard the shipping carton and packaging
material until you are ready to use the electric scarier
+ dethatcher. The packaging is made of recyclable
materials. Properly dispose of these materials in
accordance with local regulations or save the packaging
for long-term product storage.
IMPORTANT! The equipment and packaging material are
not toys. Do not let children play with plastic bags, foils,
or small parts. These items can be swallowed and pose a
suocation risk!
Intended Use
1. This scarier + dethatcher is designated with a rated input
of 1560 watts. Depending on the tted cutting device, this
machine is either intended for scarifying and removing
thatch from lawns or raking in domestic and hobby
2. When used as a scarier, this machine works by
scratching through and between the grass with specially
adapted prongs that collect and remove any unwanted
parts from the lawn while leaving the grass blades intact.
At the same time the machine scaries the ground
resulting in a better aeration.
3. When used as a dethatcher the ne needles will scratch the
surface of the lawn while simultaneously picking up light
debris for better oxygen absorption, airing and drainage.
4. This machine is not to be used in wet weather conditions
and may not be used to mow dry, wet or unusually high
grass, e.g., pasture grass or for shredding leaves.
5. This machine is intended for private domestic use only,
not for any commercial trade use. It must not be used for
any purposes other than those described.
mWARNING! Do not connect the scarier + dethatcher to
the power supply until assembly is complete. Failure to comply
could result in accidental starting and severe personal injury.
Always wear gloves during assembly.
Connecting the Handle Bars
1. Insert the lower handle into the motor housing and secure
it with the two Phillips screws (Figs. 1 & 2).
Fig. 1
Fig. 2
2. Secure the two middle handle bars to the lower handle
bars using the rst set of knobs and bolts. Tighten the
knobs on each side to ensure a secure t (Fig. 3).
3. Hang the extension cord restraint holder on the upper
handle (Fig. 4).
4. Connect the upper handle to the middle handle bars using
the second set of knobs and bolts. Tighten the knobs on
each side to ensure a secure t (Figs. 4 & 5).
5. Fix the cord with cord clips to the middle and lower right
handle bars (Fig. 6).
Thatch Collection Bag Assembly
mWARNING! Do not attempt to use the product without
the thatch collection bag attached. This could pose a danger
of ying debris.
mWARNING! The product must be switched o and the
cutting device must have stopped rotating before you attach or
empty the thatch collection bag.
mWARNING! Never use the scarier without the thatch
collection bag securely tted.
NOTE: A full thatch collection bag will reduce the perfomance
of this product.
Attach the thatch collection bag to the lawn scarier +
dethatcher before operation.
1. Lift the thatch collection bag cover, and hang the thatch
collection bag to the mounting hooks (Fig. 7).
Fig. 3
Lower handle
knob + bolt
Middle handle bars
Lower handle bars
Fig. 4
Upper handle
Middle handle bar
Fig. 5
Upper handle
knob + bolt
Fig. 6
Cord clips
Mounting hooks
Fig. 7
Thatch collection
bag cover
Thatch collection bag
Removing + Emptying the Thatch
Collection Bag
Empty the thatch collection bag frequently during use. Do not
wait until it is completely full. We recommend emptying it when
it is half full.
1. Lift the thatch collection bag cover and pull the thatch
collection bag o the mounting hooks to remove it.
2. Empty the bag’s contents into a suitable waste receptacle.
Mount the bag back into position before resuming work.
Cutting Depth Adjustment
mWARNING! The unit must be switched o and
disconnected from the power supply before adjusting the
tine settings.
Adjust the depth according to the needs of your lawn. The
most suitable depth depends on the kind of lawn and the
actual height of the grass.
1. Push the depth adjustment lever towards the wheel, then
move it forward or backward to adjust the cutting depth
(Fig. 8).
2. Adjust the lever to one out of ve stages. Read the
adjusted depth from the scale (Fig. 9).
Power Connection
Push a loop of the extension cord through the slot on the
extension cord restraint holder from the opposite side of the
restraint holder (Fig. 10). Insert the appliance cord into a proper
outdoor extension cord (see Extension Cord Chart on page 2).
Fig. 8
Fig. 9
Fig. 10
cord restraint
high 10 mm
do not use for scarifying
do not use for scarifying
for pushing behind with the machine; and
removing thin thatch layers
transport, storage and scarifying
use for scarifying
use for scarifying
transport, storage and raking
raking healthy lawn
not recommended for raking
do not use for raking
5 mm
0 mm
-5 mm
-10 mm
Depth Scarifying Raking
Starting + Stopping
mWARNING! Before switching on the lawn scarier +
dethatcher, make sure that it is not in contact with any foreign
objects. Keep your feet and hands a safe distance away from
the rotating tines and the ejector opening. Failure to comply
with these warnings can result in severe personal injury.
1. To start, press and hold the safety lock button while
pulling the switch lever toward you. Once the machine
powers on, release the safety lock button and proceed
with operation (Fig. 11).
2. To stop the lawn scarier + dethatcher, release the switch
mWARNING! The tine cylinder continues to run for a
brief period after the unit has been switched o. Do not tilt or
carry the unit while the motor is still running and do not touch
the cylinder while it is still rotating. Failure to comply could
result in severe personal injury.
Overload Protection
The overload protection will be activated in the following
1. A build up of scaried material around the cutting device.
2. If the material scaried is larger than the motor capacity.
3. Where there is too much resistance against the cutting
When the circuit breaker has been activated switch o the
product and disconnect from the power supply.
Let the product cool down and eliminate the cause before
using the product again.
General Operation
mWARNING! If the product strikes a foreign object stop
the motor. Switch the product o, disconnect it from the power
supply and let it cool down. Inspect the product thoroughly for
damage. Have any damage repaired before restarting.
mWARNING! Extensive vibration of the product during
operation is an indication of damage. The product should be
promptly inspected and repaired.
Check the machine, its power cord and plug as well as
accessories for damage before each use. Do not use the
machine if it is damaged or shows wear.
Double check that accessories are properly xed.
Push the machine forward by its handle. Keep the handle
dry to ensure safe support.
Ensure that the air vents are always unobstructed and
clear. Clean them if necessary with a soft brush. Blocked
air vents may lead to overheating and damage the
Switch the machine o immediately if you are disturbed
while working by other people entering the working area.
Always let the machine come to complete stop before
putting it down.
Do not overwork yourself. Take regular breaks to ensure
you can concentrate on the work and have full control
over the machine.
Mow the lawn before working and fertilize afterwards.
Make sure that the lawn is clear of stones, sticks, wire, or
other objects that could damage the machine or its motor.
Select the suitable cutting depth for the actual grass
Do not work with this machine on a wet lawn because it
tends to stick to the underbody of the machine, preventing
the proper discharge of collected material, and it could
also cause you to slip and fall.
Slowly push the machine forward. Move the machine at
appropriate speed. Do not move it too fast to prevent the
discharge from getting blocked and engine from useless
Work in slight overlapping rows. The most eective pattern
for scarifying/raking lawns is straight lines along one of the
sides. This will keep the rows even and ensures that all the
lawn is scared/raked without missing any spots (Fig. 12).
Fig. 11
Switch lever
Safety lock button
Fig. 12
Circle around ower beds. When reaching a ower bed
in the middle of the lawn, make a row or two around the
circumference of the bed.
Pay special attention when changing direction.
Consider the weather when scarifying. Scarify the lawn with an
increased depth setting during spring time between April and
May as the lawn is better able to recover during this season.
During a wet summer scarify again in late summer with a
decreased depth setting. Do not scarify during periods of hot
weather condition. During a dry rainless summer do not scarify
a second time in autumn.
In order for a healthy lawn to develop in the spring, it is
necessary for greater amounts of air to penetrate the area
around the roots of the grass. We recommend aerating the
lawn every 4 – 6 weeks depending on the state of your lawn.
mWARNING! Before carrying out any repairs or
servicing work, you must ensure that the machine has been
disconnected from the power supply. Repairs and maintenance
work other than described within this instruction manual may
be performed only by qualied specialist!
Service + Storage
To ensure long and reliable service, carry out the following
maintenance regularly. Servicing and cleaning work on the
machine and the removal of the guards may only be carried
out after the motor has been switched o and the plug
disconnected from the power supply.
Keep all nuts, bolts and screws tight to be sure the
product is in a safe working condition.
Allow the product to cool before storing in any enclosure.
Check the thatch collection bag frequently for wear or
Examine the product regularly and replace worn or
damaged parts for safety.
Check that covers and guards are undamaged and
correctly tted. Carry out necessary maintenance or
repairs before using the machine.
If the cutting device should happen to fail despite the
care taken in manufacturing and testing, repair should be
carried out by an authorized repair facility.
Do not clean the machine while it is running.
Ensure that all the fastening elements (screws, nuts, etc.)
are tight at all times so that you can safely work with the
Check the machine frequently for signs of wear. Replace
worn or damaged parts.
Store your machine in a dry place. To ensure a long
service life all screws and bolts should be cleaned and
then oiled.
Clean the machine with a brush or cloth. Do not use any
solvents or water to remove dirt.
The component that is subject to most wear is the cutting
device. You should therefore check the condition of the
cutting device and its mounting at regular intervals.
If the cutting device is worn or blunt it must be replaced
If the machine starts to suer from excessive vibrations,
this means that the cutting device has not been
balanced correctly or has suered deformation due to
impacts. In this case it must be repaired or replaced.
Replacing/Changing Cutting Device
mWARNING! Always switch the machine o, disconnect
it from power supply and let it cool down before changing/
replacing the cutting device.
mWARNING! Cutting devices are very sharp and become
hot during use. Handle them carefully.
mWARNING! Wear safety gloves when handling cutting
devices in order to avoid injuries like burns and cuts.
mWARNING! Make sure all bolts are completely tightened
before operating the machine. Don’t operate the machine if
any bolts are missing, loose, or damaged.
The product has two functions, scarifying or raking. The
scarifying cylinder is preassembled on the machine. The raking
cylinder is included in the supply box. The cylinder can be
changed according to the application (Fig. 13).
Fig. 13
Scarifying cylinder with blades
Raking cylinder with spring metal tines
mWARNING! Before performing any maintenance, always
disconnect the power supply to the unit and wait until the tine
cylinder comes to a complete stop. Wear protective gloves
when handling the tines.
1. Remove the thatch collection bag.
2. Place the machine upside down on a at stable surface to
access the underbody.
3. Loosen the two bolts with a suitable wrench, remove them
together with the spring washers and the attached cutting
device (Fig. 14).
4. To remove the cutting device, rst lift the bearing and then
pull it out from the drive shaft.
5. Align and insert the respective cutting device: Slide the
hex nut into the socket of the drive shaft and x the
bearing to the support with the bolts and spring washers
(Fig. 15).
NOTE: If you have any questions, please call the Snow Joe
+ Sun Joe
customer service center at 1-866-766-9563
(1-866-SNOWJOE) for assistance.
After Use
1. Switch the machine o, disconnect it from the power
supply and let it cool down.
2. Check, clean and store the machine as described below.
Thatch Collection Bag
1. Inspect the thatch collection bag before each use. Do not
use it if you nd any damage.
2. Clean the thatch collection bag after operation. Let the
thatch collection bag dry thoroughly before storing to
avoid mildew.
1. Switch the product o and disconnect it from power
supply before transporting it anywhere.
2. Attach transportation guards, if applicable.
3. Adjust the cutting depth to the transportation stage (refer
4. Always transport the product by its handle.
5. Protect the product from any heavy impact or strong
vibrations which may occur during transportation in
6. Secure the product to prevent it from slipping or falling over.
Fig. 14
2 bolts +
spring washers
Cutting device
(scarifying cylinder)
Fig. 15
Cutting device
(raking cylinder)
mWARNING! Only perform the steps described within these instructions!
All further inspection, maintenance and repair work must be performed by an authorized service center or a similarly qualied
specialist if you cannot solve the problem yourself!
Suspected malfunctions, disturbances or damages are often due to causes that the user can x themselves. Follow the below
troubleshooting guidelines when checking the unit. In most cases, the problem can be resolved quickly and the dethatcher can
be restored to proper working order.
Service and Support
If your AJ801E electric scarier + dethatcher requires service or maintenance, please call 1-866-SNOWJOE (1-866-766-9563)
for assistance.
Model and Serial Numbers
When contacting the company, reordering parts or arranging service from an authorized dealer, you will need to provide the
model and serial numbers, which can be found on the decal located on the housing of the unit. Copy these numbers into the
space provided below.
Motor does not start
Product does not reach
full power
Unsatisfying result
a) Not connected to power supply
b) Power cord or plug is defective
c) Other electrical defect to the product
d) Lock-o button not pressed
a) Connect to power supply
b) Contact an authorized service agent
c) Contact an authorized service agent
d) Press lock-o button rst, then the
start/stop lever
a) Extension cord not suitable for
operation with this product
b) Power source (e.g. generator) has
too low voltage
c) Air vents are blocked
a) Use a proper extension cord
b) Connect to another power source
c) Clean the air vents
a) Cutting device worn
b) Scaried material exceeds capacity
c) Scarifying depth is incorrect
a) Replace the tine cylinder (see page 11)
b) Only scarify materials according to
capacity of the product
c) Adjust depth
Problem Possible Cause Solution
Record the following numbers from the housing or handle of your
new product:
A J 8 0 1 E
Model #:
Serial #:
Optional Accessories
mWARNING! ALWAYS use only authorized Snow Joe
+ Sun Joe
replacement parts and accessories. NEVER use
replacement parts or accessories that are not intended for use with this electric scarier + dethatcher. Contact Snow Joe
Sun Joe
if you are unsure whether it is safe to use a particular replacement part or accessory with your electric scarier +
dethatcher. The use of any other attachment or accessory can be dangerous and could cause injury or mechanical damage.
NOTE: Accessories are subject to change without any obligation on the part of Snow Joe
+ Sun Joe
to provide notice of such
changes. Accessories can be ordered online at or via phone by contacting the Snow Joe
+ Sun Joe
service center at 1-866-SNOWJOE (1-866-766-9563).
Raking cylinder with ne needles
Snow Joe
+ Sun Joe
Power Joe SJTW-A
14-gauge 50-foot extension cord with
lighted end
ModelAccessories Item
Scarifying cylinder with blades
Snow Joe
+ Sun Joe
operating under Snow Joe
, LLC warrants
this new product to the original purchaser for two years against
defects in material or workmanship when used for normal
residential purposes. If a replacement part or product is needed,
it will be sent free of charge to the original purchaser except as
noted below.
The duration of this warranty applies only if the product is put
to personal use around the household. If the product is put to
any business, commercial or industrial use or is rented or leased,
then the duration of this warranty is 90 days from the date of
original purchase. It is the owner’s responsibility to correctly
perform all maintenance and minor adjustments explained in
the owner’s manual.
To obtain a replacement part or product, please visit or email us at [email protected] for
instructions. Please be sure to register your unit beforehand to
speed up this process. Failure to register your product purchase
will not diminish you warranty rights. Certain products may require
a serial number, typically found on the decal axed to the housing
or guard of your product. All products require a valid proof
of purchase.
• Wearing parts like belts, augers, chains and tines are
not covered under this warranty. Wearing parts can be
purchased at or by calling 1-866-SNOWJOE
• Batteries are covered in full for 90-days from the date of
Snow Joe
+ Sun Joe
may from time to time change the design
of its products. Nothing contained in this warranty shall be
construed as obligating Snow Joe
+ Sun Joe
to incorporate
such design changes into previously manufactured products, nor
shall such changes be construed as an admission that previous
designs were defective.
This warranty is intended to cover product defects only.
Snow Joe
, LLC is not liable for indirect, incidental or
consequential damages in connection with the use or misuse of
the Snow Joe
+ Sun Joe
products covered by this warranty.
This warranty does not cover any cost or expense incurred
by the purchaser in providing substitute equipment or service
during reasonable periods of malfunction or non-use of this
product while waiting for a replacement part or unit under this
warranty. Some states do not allow exclusions of incidental or
consequential damages so the above exclusions may not apply
in all states. This warranty may give you specic legal rights in
your state.
We’re here to help Monday through Friday from 9AM to 6PM EST.
You can reach us at 1-866-SNOWJOE (1-866-766-9563), online
at, via email at [email protected] or tweet us
Customers who have purchased Snow Joe
+ Sun Joe
products exported from the United States and Canada should
contact their Snow Joe
+ Sun Joe
distributor (dealer) to obtain
information applicable to your country, province or state. If for
any reason, you are not satised with the distributor’s service,
or if you have diculty obtaining warranty information, contact
your Snow Joe
+ Sun Joe
seller. If in the event your eorts are
unsatisfactory, please reach out to us directly.
+ Sun Joe
are dedicated to you, our customer. We strive to make your experience as pleasant
as possible. Unfortunately, there are times when a product does not work or breaks under normal operating conditions. We
think it’s important that you know what you can expect from us. That’s why we created the Snow Joe
+ Sun Joe
+ Sun Joe
warrant new products for two years from the date of purchase. If your product does
not work, or there’s an issue with a specic part, we will x this by either sending you a free replacement part or by sending
you a new or comparable product at no charge. How cool is that! Before you know it, you’ll be back in action cutting,
sawing, mowing, washing and…?

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