We-Vibe Troubleshooting

I can’t pair my We-Vibe to my device. Try to re-pair your We-Vibe and phone: Press and hold the control button on your We-Vibe for 5 seconds. Your We-Vibe will pulse twice to let you know it’s ready to be paired. Choose Pair We-Vibe from the menu. Follow the prompts in your app until you … Read more

SYX MOTO Dirt Bike Installation Instruction

SYX MOTO Dirt Bike Video Instruction https://www.youtube.com/playlist?list=PL_AaSsd6V4li8oOLeB6lu73qHrdIFLocK Here is the photo instruction: Open the box Rear shock bolt installation handle bar installation front wheel installation fender/plate installation This is the Holeshot-X plate and front fender.The plate and front fender for Holeshot is slightly different. Decals application Picture shows appropriate decal application location. Decal may vary … Read more

Overwatch Lite User Manual

  Function Switch On The camera will be switched on by pressing the power button for 3 seconds in the condition of camera is off, the indicator light will be turned on, and the startup screen will be shown on the internal ocular. Turning off The camera will be switched off by depressing the power … Read more

Kronos Teletime Instructions

KRONOS TELETIME INSTRUCTIONS Employees will dial into the Teletime system (770-420-0836). The system will welcome the user and confirm the present time. The system will ask for the Employee ID number followed by a # and to create a NEW password followed by a #. The employee will need to enter the NEW password again … Read more

Go-Tcha Trouble Shooting Guide

GO-TCHA TROUBLE SHOOTING GUIDE Why will my Go-tcha not charge? Please check that the Go-tcha is inserted correctly into the charger cable – Push the Go-tcha FIRMLY into the cable to ensure that it is fully seated. Once inserted correctly you can check that your Go-tcha is charging by pressing the screen button. The charging … Read more

Drinkwell® Pet Fountain Troubleshooting Guide

Drinkwell® Multi-Tier Pet Fountain Troubleshooting Guide   The adaptor is warm to the touch. Unplug the fountain and plug it into a surge protector. The fountain feels slimy. If you have multiple pets or dogs use the fountain, the slimy feeling may be caused by your pet’s saliva. Change the water and clean your fountain … Read more

Siphon Pump Instructions

Siphon Pump Instructions Be sure the plastic tip on the end of each clear tube is inserted into the black siphon bulp. (Already inserted in package) Place long clear tube into the liquid to be siphoned. Make sure the liquid to be siphoned is above the container receiving the liquid. Place your finger over the … Read more