ILIFE V3s Pro robot vacuum cleaner User Instructions and Troubleshooting (V3s)

Q1.Robot do not work with fully charge.

Please check if the power button is on.

Q2.Does robot have mop bracket ?

The mop bracket is on the bottom of paper tray.

Q3.Why is the charging base not working?

  1. Check whether the indicator light on the base is shining or not. If not, it indicates that the socket is not compatible with the charging base. If this is the case, use the AC adapter to plug directly into the robot to charge.
  2. It is advised not to place the machine into the charging dock by hand, because electrodes of the charging dock are too small to be targeted accurately, which will cause the robot to not charge.
  3. It is advised to control the robot back to the charging dock automatically by placing the robot in front of the charging dock and pressing the “HOME” button on the remote.

Q4.Why is the robot dropping dust/dirt while cleaning?

  1. Check whether the dust bin is full.
  2. Check whether HEPA filter is dirty/clogged. If so, suction power is reduced.
  3. 3.The sides brush will flick small dirt here and there, but it will finally pick them up.
  4. The left electricity of new robot is insufficient, and suction power is weak. please charge the machine fully.

Q5.Why is the power suction reduced?

  1. Please check whether the HEPA filter is stained or not, if is,please clean flitter or replace the HEPA.
  2. Check whether the suction inlet is blocked by scrap, or this situation meaning under low electric quantity. It is advised to clean and charge immediately.

Q6.Does the robot automatically avoid obstacles?

  1. The robot is constructed of an infrared detector, so it can automatically bypass obstacles. Thus, the robot will not be scratched in case of general collision.
  2. The robot may collide with some objects in dark color, because signal reflection of such objects is weaker. As for furniture with fine feet, the robot may not detect signals.

Q7.Why is the edge-cleaning can not working ?

Under Auto cleaning, if you start the edge cleaning, the robot will walk straight until it collides with obstacles, and will start cleaning along the wall.

Q8. How often do I need to clean the dust bin?

The capacity for the dust bin is 0.3L. If will fill up quickly depending on how much debris is on your floor. It can still work when it’s full, however, it cannot store more debris, so it must be emptied when full.

Q9. How do I use “Schedule Mode?”

Step1: Aim the remote toward the robot and press the “CLEAN” button to wake the robot when it is in sleeping mode. You will hear 1 beep tone. Step2: While still aiming the remote toward the robot, set the schedule time on the remote that you want the robot to begin cleaning. Step3: When you are done setting the time, press the “PLAN” button on the remote to save your schedule program. You will hear 1 “beep” tone if you have successfully completed the schedule setting program. Note: When you are using the remote to schedule a cleaning time, make sure the remote is close to the robot, or you will not be able to successfully use the scheduling feature. After using the schedule setting feature, ensure the robot is always powered on, otherwise the schedule setting will not work. If you want to cancel the schedule time, adjust the time to 00:00.

Q10.How do I switch the robot to perform different modes of cleaning?

  1. Aim the remote control at the robot and press the mode switch key on the remote controller to switch between Auto/Spot/Edge cleaning modes.
  2. Among three series, only V5s is applicable to the suction variable frequency mode. Under the situation that the electric quantity is full, press MAX key and then the suction power will become larger.

Q11.Why is the robot keeps beeping?

  1. Please kindly check if the wheels or bumper was stuck
  2. If not stuck, but still beeps, please kindly make a video about the issue and send to our customer service for our reference.

Q12.Why is the robot missing some areas during cleaning?

  1. During the first few uses, some areas may be not get cleaned. As long as you persist in cleaning every day, every area will be cleaned.
  2. Try to find the optimal place for the charging base, because it will affect the robot‘s cleaning coverage. Placing the base in a central area of the house with adequate space in front of the base and on the sides of the base will help the robot find the base so that it may charge and start the cleaning process again.

Q13. Why has the robot‘s cleaning efficiency decreased?

1. The HEPA filter may be clogged. Remover the HEPA filter, and clean it with warm water, then let it dry completely, then place it back in the filter slot. If the HEPA filter is over 6 months old, it is advised to replace it with a new HEPA filter. Pick up large items and keep areas to be cleaned open. Clean the side brushes, bristle brush and sensors regularly. Empty the dust bin before using, which will allow for better airflow and efficient cleaning.

Q14. Why is the power running out quickly?

This could be caused by multiple issues: Place the vacuum on the charging dock or turn off the power switch when unused. When V5s uses MAX mode, the fan speed becomes higher and suction power increases, which uses more power, thus draining the power quickly. 3. The battery may be damaged/old. Contact technical support if you have tried 1&2 without success.

Q15. Why has the noise level of the robot increased?

Turn off the power switch, take out of the dust box and clean off garbage, with the bottom upwards. 1.Check whether the side brush mouth is blocked or not. 2.Check and clean off side brushes.

Q16.Why is the robot doing repeat cleanings?

Repeated cleaning is normal, and the machine works for about 2 hours. Thus, many places need to be cleaned many times in order to achieve a complete clean. Q17.Why does the machine get stuck when transitioning from hard floor to carpet? Make sure the height difference between the carpets and the floor are no more than 15mm. The robot cannot work on the carpet with mop.

Q18.Why is my robot falling from elevated places (cliffs)?

  1. The carpet cannot exceed the border of the floor, or the robot will still sense carpet underneath it and fall.
  2. Ensure there are no large power appliances around the cliff, or otherwise appliances will hang off the cliff and guide the robot off the cliff. Please add a guardrail on the edge of the cliff if you can‘t move said appliances.

Q19.How do you set the robot into “sleep mode?”

Point the remote control at the robot and press the “CLEAN” key – the indicator light will flash for 15 seconds, then, the robot will automatically enter into sleep mode. While in sleep mode, it is necessary to press the “CLEAN” key on the robot or remote controller to awake it.

Q20. Why did the robot fail to enter into sleep mode?

If the robot is continuously charged when charged fully, it cannot enter into the sleep mode.

Q21.Indicator light problems

In the charging process: Three rows of light are gradually added (green light) When charging is completed: Three rows of lights shine for a period (green light) When select the mode: Three rows of lights gradually shine and die out. When the machine fails: Three rows of lights shine at the same time. When the electric quantity is lower: The middle row of lights shine (green light) Recharging mode: The middle row of lights gradually shine and die out. Automatic cleaning status: The middle row of lights shine for a period (green light) Edge cleaning status: The middle row of lights shine for a period, and the lower row of lights shine. Spot cleaning status: The middle row of lights shine for a period, and the upper row of lights shine.

Q22.Why is the robot stop working or stuck?

  1. Check whether edge wheels and side brush are stuck by foreign bodies, and pick up. 2.Wires and curtain as well as carpet edges.

Q23.Does the robot vacuum up long hair sufficiently?

Yes, however, some long hairs will be picked up by the robot will be tangled in the side brushes and bristle brush. Remove accumulated hair periodically.

Q24. It can set working time ,but can not set ending time .

You can schedule to let the robot start cleaning from a certain time .It will be back to charging base after finishing or low battery. Please press the clean button on remote control , if needs to end early.

Q25. Does the robot plan a cleaning route?

This product randomly sets the cleaning route and cannot plan the cleaning route. Fear not, for we plan to introduce these features in subsequent models, so check back periodically!

Q26.Li-ion battery safety problems.

The battery power is small, and charging will not lead to heats, which is accepted by international experts, and safe and reliable.

Q27.When should I replace the HEPA filter?

This depends on the frequency of use and the cleanliness of the filter. The HEPA filter is generally replaced every two-three weeks. If it is not dirty, it can be replaced every six to eight weeks.

Q28.When using the mop, water in the water tank will be leaked.

Please fill in water according to the area. It is not required to fill up. If the floor gets close to the carpet, it is advised to block the carpet. To avoid winding, stuck status and water leakage.

Q29.Will the robot automatically plan the cleaning route?

The robot will perform a random route on its own.

Q30.Why the robot cannot walk on smooth ceramic tiles ?

The robot will not clean when the mop carries with more water. As for this, take out of the mop and dry the mop.

Q31. How to take out the dust bin from the robot?

When elevating the dust box, it shall be vertically elevated.

Q32.Does the robot plan a cleaning route?

This product randomly sets the cleaning route and cannot plan the cleaning route. Fear not, for we plan to introduce these features in subsequent models, so check back periodically!

Q33.Does new robot need to be charged for 12 hours?

Yes, it does. The robot needs to be charged for 12 hours for the first 3 times in order to fully activate the battery. This will increase the endurance of the battery and ensure a normal battery life.

Q34.How to cover the surface?

Press PUSH key by forces. With the increasing of usage frequency, the force needed for pressing keys can be gradually reduced. If small forces are provided for new machines, the cover is hard to be covered after several months.
  1. It is advised to press the lock switch in the cover, and then cover the surface cover.
  2. If you take out the HEPA flitter and clean, but do not install well, please take photos and send to the customer service for confirmation.

Q35.Why does the robot only work for a few minutes after a full charge?

  1. The machine was not effectively charged. Kindly confirm if the power switch is “ON” while charging.
  2. The battery of new machine loses endurance over time. It is necessary to activate the battery when this happens. 3.Check whether edge wheels, side brush and bristle brush are stuck due to foreign bodies.

Q36. How do I activate the battery?

Charge the robot for three minutes, take off the charger, then charge for three minutes again, and then take off the charger for several seconds. Repeat above actions three times. Finally, charge the robot for 12 hours.  

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