PACKTALK Slim User Instructions and Troubleshooting

Something stopped working on my PACKTALK Slim. What should I do? Before trying anything else we recommend to simply reset the unit to factory settings. Step 1: Press the intercom phone and media buttons together for at least 5 seconds until the LED starts flashing purple and the unit turns off. Step 2: Turn the unit back on. Will it pair with any other Bluetooth intercoms? Cardo intercom systems come with universal connectivity. It will pair with any other Bluetooth communication system by Cardo or by other leading brands. Refer to Cardo Gateway in the manual. How to pair to a non-Cardo headset using universal connectivity (Cardo Gateway) In order to pair your unit with a non-Cardo headset please do the following: 1. Start intercom pairing on your unit (please refer to your product’s pocket guide or user manual on how to do it). 2. Tap the phone button to start Cardo Gateway pairing 3. On the other unit start mobile phone pairing 4. Wait For the paring to complete The unit doesn’t seem to be charging or the Battery seems to not last as long as it should Plug in your unit to the charger and leave it charging for at least 4 hours straight. If this does not work, try using a different wall charger and USB cable. If the unit still doesn’t charge, please contact support. DO NOT attempt to disassemble or replace the battery on your own. DO NOT open the unit. It will no longer be waterproof! If your unit is out of warranty, you can find replacement batteries on 3rd party’s websites and in specialty electronics retailers. That said, we DO NOT recommend replacing parts on your own, for risk of water, dirt and general electronics damage. Unit not recognized by the Cardo community or can’t update SW while unit is recognized.
    1. Stop all running firewalls and anti-virus programs.
    2. Start Google Chrome.
    3. Login to
    4. Plug in your Cardo device, ensuring your unit is turned off. LED should light in red.
    5. Run Cardo Updater (install if not installed yet).
    6. As soon as your unit has been recognized, Click on the SW update button. If at any time during the firmware upgrade, the Cardo updater stops, this would result in a code #D02 error. Should that happen, proceed with the following
      1. Disconnect the unit from the computer
      2. Wait 5 seconds and reconnect it 3. Click ok on the error message – this will restart the process In case you see
cthe #D02 error again, proceed with the following: • In your computer’s task list, shut down the Cardo Updater • Restart Google Chrome • Repeat the process At this point, if you still can’t upgrade the FW, please try using a different USB cable or a different Computer. Can it be charged while riding? Yes. Cardo communication systems can be charged while riding. Simply plug it into the bike’s 12V charger or a battery pack. Switch it back on and keep on riding Can I use this product in the rain? Sure. All cardo units are IP67 waterproof. This means you can ride in the rain, and enjoy top communication. Do I have to have a phone for it to work? Your intercom and radio features are completely phone independent. You wouldn’t need any phone to operate them. You would need a phone (or some other Bluetooth media player) to stream music and, of course, to make and receive calls.  

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