Ring Chime Pro User Manual

Chime Pro

Wi-Fi enabled Chime and extender designed for your Ring devices.

Step 1

Say “Hello” to your Chime Pro

Chime Pro instantly sounds customizable audio alerts when your Ring devices capture activity.

It ’s also a Wi-Fi extender, so it extends the range of your network and improves the Wi-Fi signal to your Ring devices.

Step 2

Plug in Chime Pro

Find a location somewhere between your Wi-Fi router, and any other Ring devices you plan to connect to your Chime Pro.

When the Ring logo on the front of your Chime Pro is slowly flashing blue, it is ready to be set up.

Step 3

Perform the in-app setup

In the Ring app,

select Add Device.

Then select Chime Pro, and follow the in-app instructions.

Chime Pro can only connect to 2.4GHz networks.

Step 4

Customize alert preferences for your Chime Pro

Following setup, select the Ring devices you would like your Chime Pro to sound audio alerts from.

Step 5

Connect other Ring Devices to your Chime Pro

For existing Ring devices, select your Chime Pro in the Ring app, then select Linked Devices.

If you’re setting up a new Ring device, and you’re asked if you would like it to connect to Chime Pro, select YES.

Step 6

Enjoy your Chime Pro

The Ring logo on the front of Chime Pro uses light patterns to communicate messages.

Fast Pulse

Scanning for Wi-Fi

Slow Pu lse

In setup mode



For additional help, visit: ring.com/help

For immediate assistance, we’re available 7 days a week at: [email protected]

U.S. 1 800 656 1918

U.K. 01727 263045

Intl. +1 310 929 7085

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