40800mAh/150W Portable Solar Generator User Manual

Portable Solar Generator Please read the manual carefully before operating and keep it!


Thank you very much for applying our multi-function portable solar generator. In case of power failure or you need to charge on a travel, you can temporarily charge your electrical or digital products with this unit. This unit has been built in high quality lithium polymer battery, supports for DC and AC output. It can also be used as emergency light. Before using this unit, please read the user manual carefully and properly keep for reference.


This manual is to help you use the product correctly; it does not represent any description on the hardware and software configuration of the product. About the product configuration, please refer to the contract related to this product (if there is), or consult to the seller that sells the product. Pictures in this manual is for reference only, if there are individual pictures do not match the actual, please prevail in actual products.

The unit provides Modified Sine Wave output

The unit provides Modified Sine Wave output, and can be compatible to AC electric appliance that works with Sinusoidal waveform(power <100W). However, anything that uses an AC motor isn’t going to work to full capacity on a modified sine wave. such as an electrical fan, It will even make the electric appliance arouse some noise.Appliances like refrigerators, microwaves, and compressors that use AC motors and some delicate medical equipment will be better off with a pure sine wave inverter. This product is only used for emergency, it cannot replace the normal alternating current, for long-term use, please adapts the power station specification required by electrical appliances.


Capacity 40800mAh
Dimensions(LWH) 165x80x175mm
Weight 1.5Kg
Built-in Battery High Quality Lithium Polymer Batteries
Input Recharging DC15V/2A
Fully Charged Time DC 15V:7~8 hours
Output USB 5V-3.5A(Max), DC9-12.6V/15A (Max)
DC Wattage(MAX) 9~12.6V/15A, 180W(Max)
AC Output 100W, Dual Modified Wave Output. With 2 Versions: 220/110V(Build According to different nations)
Bulb Type Ultra bright LED light
Power Indicator LED Control Panel
Operation temperature range -20℃-60℃
Lifecycle >500 times
Package include 1 x Portable SolarGenerator 1 x Power Adapter 1 x cigarette light adapter 1 x user manual
※ There may be some differences on different spare parts. Please adhere to the actual product instead.


【Front】 【Back】
LED Emergency Light Panel

【LED Display】

LED Display Emergency Light Button/Mode Switch: Can be individually used without switching on the Power Button first; AC Output: AC letters will light up on the LED Control Panel; UPS Mode: Charging while Discharging. When charging the unit, the AC output will shutdown as default. User can press the ups button ups button to turn on UPS mode LED display to keep outputing AC power for the device.


1)How to provide power for DC12V appliances(such as head lamp, fan, radio) with this product? Please confirm whether the interface of DC12V appliance or lighting equipment is the DC5.5 header interface(The diameter of the DC Port of the Product is: 5.5mm), otherwise it is unable to connect with the DC output, if so, you can consult the electrical manufacturer, buy the corresponding adapter and connect with it. Connect with vehicle mounted tool through cigar lighter. If your electrical appliance supports car charge, you can connect this product with your appliances through the standard cigarette lighter adapter to gain power.


Support DC12V Devices, such as Vacuum Cleaner, Inflation Pump, Electric wrench, fridge, etc. ※Note: Because the battery is chemical product, voltage drops with capacity, the DC output voltage of this product is in the range of 9~12.6V, the maximum output current is 15A. If the DC12V appliance you connect does not have the voltage stabilizing function, when the DC voltage drops with the decline of battery voltage, it may cause the informal of appliance, please stop use it. 2)How to provide power for AC appliances with this product? a.Connect the power cable plug of the electrical appliance to the AC interface of the product. WARNING! The interface specifications and voltage standard of different countries are different; please carefully check whether the product specifications are consistent with the appliance specifications before use, otherwise it can lead to dangerous situations. b.Press the power button button to start, press AC button AC output button to start the AC output, the LED display screen of this product displays “AC” letter LED AC display at this time, meaning the AC output is on, the electrical appliance starts to work. c.Single click power button AC or directly press the power button AC output button to turn off AC output, the electrical appliance stops work. 【Right Limited Device Wattage <100W, Lamp,Electric Fan,TV, etc. AC will shutdown when it’s shortcircuited or power overloaded. Remove the device to recover from shortcircuit or overpower protection. 3)How to provide power for USB digital appliances with this product? Connect the standard USB cable of digital appliance with the USB interface of this product, then single click the power button power button , then it can provide power for the digital appliance.


4)How to use the emergency light? This product has emergency light, press the light button on the control panel, then you can turn on the emergency light, press the light button to switch the brightness (Support 2 level brightness) 5)How to recharge the product? Connect the AC plug of standard charging adapter for this product to the household AC socket, connect the DC plug of standard charging adapter with the DC input interface input of this product, then this product can be charged. At this time, the battery icon battery icon will light up, the light will run. When the product is full of power, the battery icon will fully light. After the power station is fully charged, please remove the charger in time.



  1. Do not short-circuit the unit. To avoid short-circuiting, keep the unit away from all metal objects (e.g. coins, hair-pins, keys, etc.).
  2. Do not heat the unit, or dispose of it in fire, water or other liquids. Keep away from high temperatures. Do not expose the unit to direct sunlight.
  3. Keep away from high humidity, dusty places.
  4. Do not disassemble or reassemble this unit.
  5. Do not drop, place heavy objects on, or allow strong impact to this unit.
  6. This appliance is not intended for use by persons (including children) with reduced physical, sensory or mental capabilities, or lack of experience and knowledge, unless they have been given supervision or instruction concerning use of the appliance by a person responsible for their safety.
  7. Children should be supervised to ensure that they do not play with the appliance.
  8. Do not cover the device with towels, clothing and other item.
  9. The unit may become hot when charging. This is normal. Use caution when handling.
  10. Do not charge the unit over the required time.
  11. Disconnect the unit when fully charged.
  12. Use the unit properly to avoid electronic shock.
  13. Please deal with scrap products in accordance with the regulations, do not treatment the built-in battery as a household garbage, so as not to cause the explosion and pollution.
  14. The product is only used for emergency power station, it can not replace the standard DC or AC power of household appliances or digital products.


  1. This product is built in high quality original lithium ion battery, it has no memory effect but high-capacity, and it is durable. However, we still recommend you to apply in the range of 10 ℃ ~30 ℃, so as to obtain the optimal charging capacity;
  2. When charging, in order to avoid interference, please stay away from TV, radio and other equipment
  3. If the device has not been used for a long time, please disconnect the cable and store it
  4. Some portable devices may need to be set in charge mode to charge, see the corresponding equipment use manual for more information
  5. In order to extend the life of product (lithium battery), it is best to charge within 3 months, and charge at least once within 6 months.
  6. After starting, if there is no any output, it displays to automatically shut down within 3 minutes, so as to achieve better energy-saving effect.


Always return your used electronic products, batteries, and packaging materials to dedicated collection points. This way you help prevent uncontrolled waste disposal and promote the recycling of materials.

Battery information

Your device has and internal, non-removable, rechargeable battery. Do not attempt to remove the battery, as you may damage the device. The battery can be charged and discharged over 500 times, but it will eventually wear out.


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