My Philips Shaver is not charging

If you are having trouble charging your Philips Shaver, try our troubleshooting advice to solve this issue yourself. Shaver is not plugged in Make sure that the charging cable of your Philips Shaver is connected correctly to your shaver and plugged in a working electric socket. Charging Philips Shaver The charger or charging cable is not compatible with your Philips Shaver You should always use the original Philips Charger and (USB) cable to charge your Philips Shaver. To find out which charger is compatible with your shaver please visit or call us for further support. Energy saving mode is on When your Philips Shaver is charging, you can see an indicator light or battery symbol flashing on it. To save energy, this indicator light automatically turns off 15 or 30 minutes after the shaver is fully charged. To check if your shaver’s energy-saving mode is on, try unplugging the charging cord and plugging it back in the shaver again. This will prompt the indicator light to start flashing again. You can now be assured that your shaver is charging. Charging indicator flashing on Philips Shaver You are charging your Philips Shaver for the first time or after a very long time When you charge your Philips Shaver for the first time or after a very long time the battery starts charging very slowly to prevent damage to the device. This means that the charging light on your shaver may not flash for the first few hours. This is nothing to worry about. Let your shaver charge for at least two hours and then check the charging status again. If the shaver is still not charging, there could be a different issue. Philips Shaver was not placed correctly in the SmartClean system If you are using the Philips SmartClean system to charge your shaver, make sure your shaver is placed correctly in it. Hold the shaver upside down above the holder. Make sure the front of the shaver points towards the SmartClean system and then follow the steps below:
  1. Place the shaver in the holder.
  2. Tilt the shaver backward
  3. Press down the top cap of the SmartClean system until you hear a click sound, confirming that the shaver is locked in.
You will see a battery symbol flashing on your SmartClean system indicating that the shaver is charging. If you have tried the troubleshooting advice above but your shaver is still not charging, then please contact us for further help. Charging the Philips Shaver in SmartClean system

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