Overwatch Lite User Manual

  手持说明书-20170811.jpg 手持说明书-20170811.jpg Function

Switch On

The camera will be switched on by pressing the power button for 3 seconds in the condition of camera is off, the indicator light will be turned on, and the startup screen will be shown on the internal ocular.

Turning off

The camera will be switched off by depressing the power button for 3 seconds in the condition of camera is on. The camera will be switched off automatically if there is no operation when in standby mode.


Short Press the power button when the camera is on, it will enter into standby mode with indicator light flickering. Short press again to resume from standby mode to normal mode.

Switch Image Mode

手持说明书-20170811.jpg Short click the Image Mode button to switch the image mode when the camera is on. The image mode will be switched from White hot-Black Hot-Red Hot-Pseudo color circularly.


Short click the E-zoom button when the camera is on. The image will be electrical zoomed from 1×-2×-4× circularly.

Diopter Adjustment

Turn the Diopter Knop to get the best image.

Video Out

Open the analog video through the menu, the down-right corner of the image will have a video output icon displayed, and then the analog video can be output to the monitor with the specific video cable through the USB port. 手持说明书-20170811.jpg

NUC (non-uniformity correction)

Image degradation can be improved by manual correction. There are two correction options available-M and B, it can be changed through the menu. Press the E-zoom, Image Mode and Brightness buttons at the same time to make the manual correction. If the correction mode M is selected, the lens cover is needed to be covered when the correction is performed. Remove the lens cover after the correction is done,

Power Saving Mode

User can extend the battery operation time if the power saving mode is activated in the menu. Quick press on Power knop to turn the display off.


When the indicator is red, it indicates that the battery is insufficient, please charge in time. Open the USB cover, and plug the USB cable to charge. When charging, the indicator light is red and it will turn into green when it is fully charged.  

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