SYX MOTO Dirt Bike Installation Instruction

SYX MOTO Dirt Bike Video Instruction

Here is the photo instruction:

  1. Open the box IMG_256
  2. Rear shock bolt installation IMG_256
  3. handle bar installation IMG_256
  4. front wheel installation IMG_256
  5. fender/plate installation IMG_256This is the Holeshot-X plate and front fender.The plate and front fender for Holeshot is slightly different.
  6. Decals application Picture shows appropriate decal application location. Decal may vary for different batch of merchandise.
  7. petrol/oil 20-25/1 mix IMG_256Use regular 2 stroke oil (easy to find in super market) and 91+ octane fuel. Ratio mix should be 1 gal of fuel to 5.5oz of 2 stroke oil.You can also use the mixing bottle provided with the unit to achieve proper mixture.
    1. add fuel to 500ml
    2. add oil between the indicators (20:1 to 25:1)
  8. ready to go
If the instruction does not make any senses or you any other concerns, please contact us via: [email protected] to get proper guidance.


FAQ When and where do you ship? Generally, we will ship within 2 workings days from our warehouse in Texas, Georgia or California as per the availability of inventory and distance to your address. How long will it take to arrive? We use UPS to ship dirt bikes and it will take 1-4 working days to arrive according the distance to our warehouse to your address. Our warehouses are located in Texas, Georgia or California. We will choose the nearest one according to the availability of inventory. How to contact you? Please email [email protected] Phone call support will follow up when needed. We provide customer service from 12 hours every day, from Monday Through Sunday, even during Christmas holiday.

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