Logitech® MX Master 2S User Manual

Step One Download Logitech Options to use all the possibilities this mouse has to offer. To download and learn more about the possibilities go to logitech.com/options. Step Two Turn your mouse on. Step Three This mouse allows you to use it with up to three different computers. Just use the Easy- Switch™ button to change … Read more

ELEMNT Bolt User Manual

Setup This setup guide is intended to assist with readying your ELEMNT BOLT for first use and pairing to the ELEMNT app. Remove from packaging. Turn on by pressing the power button located on the left side of the device. After first time loading, a QR code will be displayed. You are now ready to … Read more

SONOS SUB Product Guide

The SONOS SUB takes your music experience to the next level when you add this wireless subwoofer to an existing Sonos room of music. Instantly adds a dimension of deep bass impact to your music listening experience. Allows placement anywhere because it’s wireless and compact—position it vertically or horizontally on any floor surface. Note: The … Read more

Pit Boss Digital Meat Thermometer User Guide

FEATURES Large Bright LED display. Can be re-calibrated at temperature near 0°C (32°F). Fahrenheit and Celsius temperature settings. Measurement range: -50°C-300°C (-58°F-572°F). Measurement accuracy: ±1°C (±2°F) at -20°C-150°C (-4°F-302°F). Strong internal magnet allows the thermometer to be attached to the metal surface. Hold temperature function to stop the display from changing the readout. The LCD … Read more

Lithium Battery Guide

Lithium batteries have become the preferred energy source to power a wide variety of consumer goods ranging from mobile phones to children toys to cars and e-bikes. Though widely used, most people are not aware that lithium batteries are dangerous goods that can pose a safety risk if not prepared in accordance with the transport … Read more

Seagate Wireless Plus Setup Instructions

Wireless Plus Setup This chapter explains each step of the setup process in more detail than what is described in the Quick Start Guide. Installing the Seagate Media app Use the Seagate Media app on your mobile devices to organize and stream the media stored on the Seagate Wireless Plus. On your mobile device, go … Read more

AMQ Product Cleaning Instructions

Furniture Hard Surfaces Before using cleaning products and processes, check first to ensure they comply with your company’s EHS (environmental health and safety) requirements. To avoid risks of fire or shock, always disconnect electrical power when cleaning products that use or provide electricity. Be careful not to allow liquids to enter any openings in electrical … Read more