My Philips SmartClean system is not working properly

If your Philips SmartClean system is not working properly, please read our advice below to troubleshoot this problem yourself. Unit is unplugged Your SmartClean station needs to be plugged in to work. Always check if the device is connected to an electric socket before turning it on. Cartridge needs to be replaced If the arrow … Read more

My Philips Shaver is not charging

If you are having trouble charging your Philips Shaver, try our troubleshooting advice to solve this issue yourself. Shaver is not plugged in Make sure that the charging cable of your Philips Shaver is connected correctly to your shaver and plugged in a working electric socket. The charger or charging cable is not compatible with … Read more

My Philips Shaver is not working

If your Philips Shaver is not working or turning on, read below the possible causes and our advice on how to solve them yourself. Your Philips Shaver is not charged If you have a rechargeable Philips Shaver, it is possible, that its battery has drained out. We advise you to charge your shaver and then … Read more

Aigital Mini Router User ManuaL

This Mini router supports Repeater Mode, AP Mode & Router Mode. Here we have detailed setup instructions for you. ❀How to Set Up Repeater Mode: Plug device into socket. Wait for about 1 minute to establish a signal till you see the green light blinking stably. Please connect the wifi signal “Wireless-N” on your phone/laptop/computer(NOT … Read more

PACKTALK Slim User Instructions and Troubleshooting

Something stopped working on my PACKTALK Slim. What should I do? Before trying anything else we recommend to simply reset the unit to factory settings. Step 1: Press the intercom phone and media buttons together for at least 5 seconds until the LED starts flashing purple and the unit turns off. Step 2: Turn the … Read more

Siphon Pump Instructions

Siphon Pump Instructions Be sure the plastic tip on the end of each clear tube is inserted into the black siphon bulp. (Already inserted in package) Place long clear tube into the liquid to be siphoned. Make sure the liquid to be siphoned is above the container receiving the liquid. Place your finger over the … Read more

Armitron MD11239 Instruction Manual

FEATURES Time Telling Mode (Hours, Minutes, Seconds, Date and Day of the Week) Calendar Mode (Month, Date, and Day of the Week) 24 Hour Alarms Hourly Chime: One ‘Beep’ sound every full Hour Chronograph Mode: Hours, Minutes, Seconds, and 1/100 of a sec- ond with Lap Operation Countdown Timer Dual Time Zone 12/24 Hour (Military … Read more